This new site seems to be working fine and I’m settling in nicely. Doesn’t really require much. I’m more Neanderthal than Cro-magnon. A fire pit, a source of fresh water, someplace to throw the bones when I’ve gnawed them clean and sucked the marrow. The simple things.

Blogs are a lot like cave paintings. Most of the people who encounter them go away with a really incomplete picture of the resident and artist – Which is actually okay. Being a writer and artist most of my work is based on an incomplete grasp of a character or concept. The process of fleshing out paintings, photographs, poems and prose isn’t about discovering the beings around me but the being within and expressing those discoveries in the framework of an exterior source. There exists the truly unknowable. To quote Michel de Montaigne, one of the most significant 16th Century philosophers of the French Renaissance and credited with being the father of the modern essay: “Que sais-je?” (What do I know?)

As I’ve already stated, you probably won’t catch me in a political tirade. There are other more suitable places for those behaviors. I’m not going all sports fan rabid either. I might put in a plug for a new or established writer or a particular publisher, editor or agent. Larger guarantees on the former as opposed to the latter.

If you’re interested in having me MAYBE review something you’ve written, send it along. Again, no guarantees but if I decide not to I’ll offer you the courtesy of letting you know why. One caveat, don’t get all butt hurt if I say no – My page/My choice. Okay?

Comments or shout-outs are always welcome. Again, I may or may not post them. If you’re just reaching out to flame me at least make it coherent. That way you’re more likely to have me let you bring the heat publicly.